‘Why is power-rich Kerala buying units from Adani?’ | Thiruvananthapuram News -

‘Why is power-rich Kerala buying units from Adani?’ | Thiruvananthapuram News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Continuing his attack on the LDF government over its purchase of power from Adani Group, opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala on Saturday said KSEB had entered into yet another direct, short-term agreement with the conglomerate in the power sector.
The chief minister as well as power minister M M Mani had earlier said the government had not made any agreements with Adani Group in the power sector.
Chennithala termed the statements as blatant lies. The agreement (with the Solar Energy Corporation of India, that he cited on Friday) itself says that the government guarantee for the deal’s completion should be ensured, he said.
“It is after ensuring it that KSEB went ahead with the agreement. There is a provision that if KSEB is unable to use renewable energy as fixed by the regulatory commission, it can purchase a renewable energy certificate for the equivalent unit. It is by ignoring this provision that KSEB went ahead with power purchase from Adani Group,” Chennithala said.
He said as per the figures of the state electricity regulatory commission, the state is considered as a power-surplus state for the last five years.
In 2021-22, KSEB will have 811 million units of power. Under these circumstances, the government should answer why it chose to purchase power from Adani Group. The chief minister is directly involved in the deal, Chennithala said.
Responding to the reaction of the chief minister and the power minister, Chennithala said their comments were on the expected lines. “The power minister said KSEB has not made any agreement with Adani Group. But there is another direct agreement between KSEB and Adani Group for the purchase of power. The director board that met on February 15 this year, decided to purchase power directly from Adani Group for the April and May months,” he said.
He said the larger question is while power from small scale hydropower projects and solar projects is available at Re One per unit and Rs 2 per unit, respectively, why did the government choose to purchase power from Adani Group at the rate of Rs 2.83 per unit, offering a profit of approximately Rs 1,000 crore to the corporate. Solar Energy Corporation of India is only an intermediary that charges a commission, between KSEB and Adani Group, he added.
Chennithala had earlier cited the Thiruvananthapuram airport bidding row to allege that the government has been taking a stand in favour of the Adani Group. He had said that while the government openly criticized the Central government move to hand over the airport to Adani Group, it covertly helped the group in the bidding for the airport.
Asked about the allegations raised by Chennithala regarding power purchase agreements with Adani, chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said in Kozhikode on Saturday that something serious has happened to the opposition leader and it is unbecoming for his post to level false allegations.

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