Younger patients, different symptoms at hospitals in Delhi -

Younger patients, different symptoms at hospitals in Delhi

He added that last year, diarrhoea was recorded only in a few cases, probably 1 in 100, but now it was more frequent. “Last year, not many patients complained of severe body ache, but now it has become common. Earlier, loss of taste and smell was common, but now they are not so common,” he said.

Dr Abhishek Bhadani, Assistant Professor working in Covid-19 ward of Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Medical College in West Delhi, had a similar opinion. “The patients are complaining of diarrhoea, persistent fever has become a common complaint this time, in addition to the regular loss of taste and smell. In fact, fever runs longer this time around. Last year, we saw the fever disappearing in days, now it runs for six to eight days,” said Dr Bhadani.

He added that the only other thing he could say conclusively is that several younger patients were testing positive.

The head of Pulmonology department, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr Anant Mohan, however, said nothing drastic has changed in the symptoms. “There are some symptoms which were not seen earlier, but most of the symptoms are similar – high fever, body ache, cough and sore throat. A few patients have reported abdominal symptoms such as diarrhoea and cramps. Patients have reported dizziness-like symptoms, and severe headache. There have been instances of loss of hearing, but that got resolved in a day or two.”

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